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Whoa Emmitt Smith and others who are you judging?

Posted on: December 18, 2008 1:49 am
Edited on: December 19, 2008 6:09 pm
It amazes me that all I see every single day on ESPN is how Philly fans give Donovan McNabb no respect and Donovan himself said "They don't understand what they have until it is gone".  I will be honest I have gotten on Donovan at times but everyone deserves criticism AT TIMES.  Yet they act like New York fans never criticized Eli.  Give me a break.  Regardless of what people here in Philly say everyone should or at least I can say I know Donovan is the best quarterback in Eagles franchise history.  Tony Kornheiser mentioned this on MNF with Ron Jaworski right next to him.  Jaws is arguably the second best QB in franchise history and what happened to him?  He had a great career the Eagles drafted Randall Cunningham and he eventually was replaced.  That is the nature of the game especially when Donovan is a player who has been hurt almost every year of his career.  It is nothing personal but Donovan should realize when his career ends whether that is this year or years from now the team will still play when he is gone.  As a result the Eagles will need someone to step in, is that Kevin Kolb?  That is to be determined but one thing we do know is Donovan won't play forever especially with his injury history.  I really do hope that he finishes his career here and wins a championship (although at this point unless that happens this year it seems unlikely) but if he does not want to play here then fine move on. 

Still the main issue I wanted to address was how all these sports reporters seem to mention about Philly fans to Donovan is "they booed you on draft day"  and then they follow it up with since draft day Philly fans have never appreciated you.  Are you serious?  Emmitt Smith asked this question and all I could think was who are you to speak for Philadelphia.  Didn't you play for the hated Dallas Cowboys, really who is this man? 

Anyway if all that is not frustrating enough since 10 idiot Philadelphia fans booed McNabb's selection all anyone ever mentions is how Philly gives him no love.....are you kidding me?  The only thing I didn't like was about Donovan on draft day was that a close friend was a huge Syracuse fan and was obsessed with Mcnabb.  Other than that I was excited to see what he could do, Doug Pederson was our starting QB when Donovan came into the league.  He followed Rodney Peete, Ty Detmer, Bobby Hoying and the like; do these analysts really think we miss the days when we had these guys?  Now we have DONOVAN MCNABB.  Everyone here loves him, but understand he has constantly devastated this city.  Sorry but 4 NFC championships and no Super Bowls leaves a scar.  We didn't know what it was like to be Buffalo Bills fans.  Look at what the Phils did this year in their second recent playoff trip.  See the love and support those players will get for the rest of their lives regardless of what they do in the future (sure looks better than the Eagles future at the moment).  All the injuries, yes they put doubt into our minds too.  In the end though all we want is for Donovan to have his final great years here in Philly, make an Elway like redemption play like his 100 million dollar contract pays him.  If he never wins a championship here I hope he remembers it was him who was tired at the end of the Super Bowl.  The fans sure were not tired, we were up all night thinking about how close we really were.   One thing is for sure, regardless of all that happened this season and the drama between McNabb and the organization one thing seems to stick out.  Ever since the benching the team has a completely different feel.  Finally it seems like players are having fun playing again.  Brian Westbrook is a healthy beast again.  Donovan is making sharp throws we have not seen in years let alone this year.  If somehow they can surge at the end and make it into the postseason this could be a special year.  They have gutted out a schedule with the toughest teams in the NFL in their division.  If the final game of the regular season has TO again returning to Philly, and playing for a playoff spot it may be the best game of the season.  Hopefully it will not be Donovan's last game as an Eagle.       

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Whoa Emmitt Smith and others who are you judging?

donovan is done.too old and has lost alot.he should be traded to minn if he will have a last chance to make it to the big show.

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