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Whoa Emmitt Smith and others who are you judging?

It amazes me that all I see every single day on ESPN is how Philly fans give Donovan McNabb no respect and Donovan himself said "They don't understand what they have until it is gone".  I will be honest I have gotten on Donovan at times but everyone deserves criticism AT TIMES.  Yet they act like New York fans never criticized Eli.  Give me a break.  Regardless of what people here in Philly say everyone should or at least I can say I know Donovan is the best quarterback in Eagles franchise history.  Tony Kornheiser mentioned this on MNF with Ron Jaworski right next to him.  Jaws is arguably the second best QB in franchise history and what happened to him?  He had a great career the Eagles drafted Randall Cunningham and he eventually was replaced.  That is the nature of the game especially when Donovan is a player who has been hurt almost every year of his career.  It is nothing personal but Donovan should realize when his career ends whether that is this year or years from now the team will still play when he is gone.  As a result the Eagles will need someone to step in, is that Kevin Kolb?  That is to be determined but one thing we do know is Donovan won't play forever especially with his injury history.  I really do hope that he finishes his career here and wins a championship (although at this point unless that happens this year it seems unlikely) but if he does not want to play here then fine move on. 

Still the main issue I wanted to address was how all these sports reporters seem to mention about Philly fans to Donovan is "they booed you on draft day"  and then they follow it up with since draft day Philly fans have never appreciated you.  Are you serious?  Emmitt Smith asked this question and all I could think was who are you to speak for Philadelphia.  Didn't you play for the hated Dallas Cowboys, really who is this man? 

Anyway if all that is not frustrating enough since 10 idiot Philadelphia fans booed McNabb's selection all anyone ever mentions is how Philly gives him no love.....are you kidding me?  The only thing I didn't like was about Donovan on draft day was that a close friend was a huge Syracuse fan and was obsessed with Mcnabb.  Other than that I was excited to see what he could do, Doug Pederson was our starting QB when Donovan came into the league.  He followed Rodney Peete, Ty Detmer, Bobby Hoying and the like; do these analysts really think we miss the days when we had these guys?  Now we have DONOVAN MCNABB.  Everyone here loves him, but understand he has constantly devastated this city.  Sorry but 4 NFC championships and no Super Bowls leaves a scar.  We didn't know what it was like to be Buffalo Bills fans.  Look at what the Phils did this year in their second recent playoff trip.  See the love and support those players will get for the rest of their lives regardless of what they do in the future (sure looks better than the Eagles future at the moment).  All the injuries, yes they put doubt into our minds too.  In the end though all we want is for Donovan to have his final great years here in Philly, make an Elway like redemption play like his 100 million dollar contract pays him.  If he never wins a championship here I hope he remembers it was him who was tired at the end of the Super Bowl.  The fans sure were not tired, we were up all night thinking about how close we really were.   One thing is for sure, regardless of all that happened this season and the drama between McNabb and the organization one thing seems to stick out.  Ever since the benching the team has a completely different feel.  Finally it seems like players are having fun playing again.  Brian Westbrook is a healthy beast again.  Donovan is making sharp throws we have not seen in years let alone this year.  If somehow they can surge at the end and make it into the postseason this could be a special year.  They have gutted out a schedule with the toughest teams in the NFL in their division.  If the final game of the regular season has TO again returning to Philly, and playing for a playoff spot it may be the best game of the season.  Hopefully it will not be Donovan's last game as an Eagle.       
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Eagles Giants thoughts before the game

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This is a response to a post in the forums, but really it goes to all Giants fans who feel they are underappreciated.

How can you say they are underrated now.....everyone has them ranked as the top team in football.  Yes, I remember watching the Sunday night game a year ago as they destroyed the Eagles O-line and thinking.....WTF is this a Super Bowl Defense or are we (the eagles) just this pathetic?.... This is the time that was sarcastic and I thought Winston Justice was a disgrace to the Eagles talent selection, but that statement of calling them a "Super Bowl caliber D" even with the "perfect pats" turned out to be true. 

More than anything they prove defense and a strong power running game can lead to championships....but can they win through the air?  I still have huge doubts, other than a ridiculous Eli Manning broken tackle off the head mirac-u-catch by David isheevenontheteamanymore Tyree, but other than that Eli hasn't proven he is Dan Marino. 

Don't forget Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl too with the Ravens D and Jamal Lewis

If anything they show how football games are won where no one really pays attention.  On the offensive side Jacobs, Plax, and Eli will get all the credit when really their jobs are made much easier by the beasts they have in the trenches.  I really wish Spagnola had stayed with the Eagles and Jim Johnson went off to be the head coach somewhere else, but Spags has proven in NY that he is a great defensive coach and he will probably end up with a head coaching gig somewhere sometime soon.

Anyway the truth is the Giants showed last year that the NFL is a week to week league.  They put it all together and no one can call what they did last year a fluke, but they definitely had luck on their side.  It is just as possible that this year another team no one is focusing on all that much can get on a roll at the end and make a run at the Super Bowl.  The Giants and Steelers recently have proven that it is just about getting in the tournament.   The Giants are smart enough to know that even if they dominate through the end of this year and roll to 15-1 if they somehow blow it in the playoffs no one is going to care about what they did all year.

However I have a feeling there is a second hickup hidden in their schedule before things are said and done for the G-Men.  Hopefully that hickup (should) be this week against the Eagles.  With all these Plax and Pierce distractions if the Eagles can't at least make things competitive it will really show how pathetic they have been since losing TO.  But if Andy and the rest of the staff want to breath some type of hope into a city that has already written them off as awful like Philly fans here typically do then they need to find a way to win this game. 

Likewise if somehow the Eagles do win im sure everyone here in Philly will jump right back on the bandwagon and say they are going to the Super Bowl in Tampa.  The reality is they will 7-5-1 and back in the playoff picture with a shot to make things interesting.    Otherwise, if they do lose as expected we could be seeing the end of the McNabb era, and possibly the Andy Reid era if Kolb is a failure.

Considering the NFL makes no sense, sitting at 0-3 in the NFC east the Birds first division win would come against the defending champs, that is the NFL's style.

Personally I like their chances, but of course I do I always do because of my bias as a die hard Eagles fan.  After all I have liked the Eagles in their last few matchups against the G-men all of which were followed by an L.  I really am praying that when they play Dallas on 12/28 it has playoff implications and not just pride on the line. 

Remember though Philly even if they lose, the Phils won the world series, and the Mets choked yet again.  There is my 2 cents, I don't really care if anyone actually reads the whole thing.  And as always screw the boys in blue, win or lose 


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Eagles 10 weeks into the season

The Eagles are a mediocre 5-4 so far this season.  This was considered to be the year McNabb and Reid showed their worth.  As long as McNabb could stay healthy this year most people felt it would be a solid season.  Yet nine games into the year McNabb has played every game and they are just 1 game over 500.  How could this be?

Well plenty of people will say the Eagles are just past their prime and their Super Bowl hopes of years past are gone.  I disagree however, with how the 10-6 Giants won last year, a team with talent of the Eagles level can still make noise in the playoffs.  All that really matters is just making it into the tournament.  With better management this team would be better than just 5-4.  In the Chicago and New York games they made several key mistakes.  One difference is Coughlin called a close challenge on an illegal forward pass play.  It went the Giants way and from there they did not look back.

Still the Eagles did not play their best.  Toward the half instead of going for a TD to take a lead into half they settle for a field goal due to poor clock management.  As I stated Coughlin won his one challenge, however Andy lost both his on calls which were pretty obvious, they were just desperate challenges.  Then on 3rd and 3 and 4th and 1 Andy makes the predictable running play call and both are sniffed out to seal the deal for the Giants.  It amazes me how someone can continuously make the same mistake over and OVER.  The Eagles identity is clearly not a 4th and 1 run run run team.  The Birds don't have Brandon Jacobs in the backfield to plow over four guys and our offensive line never gets any push.  The Eagles do have a west coast offense with quick screens to RBs and efficient passes to WRs and TEs for short yardage with YAC.  Andy still decides he should run into the line.  Look at the stats Eagles 3rd and 4th down conversions:  5/14 running 3/3 passing.  I cannot plead with you more Andy PLEASE PASS on 3rd and 4th down.  Donovan still has the legs to try and run for a first down if the play breaks down.  If Donovan does not think about playing against the "black qb" stereotype and just runs when he needs to good things will happen.  If you just run up the gut our line gets outworked and we turn it over or just do not convert.  Put the ball in Donovan's hands or this could be the end of the Reid-McNabb era. 
Posted on: November 7, 2008 7:39 pm

The Sixers 6 games in

Everyone has seen the rough start the Sixers have gotten out to this year.  As Philly fans we are known for getting down on our teams easily.  However Iggy has not looked like the player we gave $80 million in the offseason, on that note neither has Elton Brand our other $80 million man.  If you live in Philly though not many Philly fans have noticed or complained all that much.  Probably because many are still in a drunken euphoria over the Phillies victory.  Whenever the Eagles, Flyers, or Sixers get down this year one response will calm down all the angry fans here.  The answer to "complaining angry tone: Iguodala is shooting horrible, complaint complain Cheeks sucks at coaching this young group complain complaint", is simply "but the Phillies won the World Series".  Once we mention that phrase here in Philly a smile goes across the face of every complaining fan and all is happy once again.

Still, the up and coming Sixers should not use that as their excuse.  Right now they are shooting just 37% from the field as a team.  In the days of Iverson that made sense, but this team needs to shoot higher percentage shots if they want to win games.  With the exception of Thaddeus Young there is a feeling most players on the Sixers are underachieving.  Throughout the summer they also were not too impressive which has put scares into many Sixers fans.  We should not worry though, this team still have seventy six games on the schedule (with their name this is a good time for a blog )  so their is plenty of time left for them to gel and get things going.  Remember even if they don't piece things together, "The Phillies won the World Series".

P.S.  It will be nice to see Iverson make his debut as a Piston, and it would be an interesting playoff matchup if the Sixers meet their foe, with AI on the opposite bench
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World Champions, World ******* Champions

Philadelphia finally got what it deserved, and we are a city of champions again.  Mets fans can say all they like about how it should have been them, but the Phillies were clearly the best team in baseball this season.  When leading after eight innings the Phillies were 93-0 this year, with the best bullpen in baseball.  Throughout the playoffs Madson, Romero, and Lidge were dominant for the Phils.  Last year people said the Mets choked up that 7 game lead and I have to partially agree.  Everyone had a sour feeling in their stomach after we were swept by the Rockies in the wild card round.  This year we were really able to put everything together.  Credit goes to Pat Gillick for several clutch signings.  Gillick, with all of his success in the postseason, must have known Matt Stairs would be the player to hit a HR to help clinch the pennant.  Of course that is a ridiculous statement but I am sure it was a nice feeling for Gillick in his final season.  Rollins, Utley, Howard, and Hamels are all in their prime.  If Pat Burrell returns at 2 years $22 million that helps strengthen the offense, but he will most likely head to an AL team to play DH for more money and a 4-year deal.  Bruntlett, Stairs and other substitutes seemed to come up big right when we needed them too.  How much the Phillies can spend in the offseason will be determined by how the arbitration meetings of several key players turn out.  It will surely be a different team next year with Ruben Amaro taking over at GM.  If they can add another solid starter to their already strong rotation, the Phillies could turn over many wins to that great bullpen next year.  With this core developed group of players they may just take parades down Broad "Again, Again, and Again" like Cole said, and all Phillies fans can dream. 

This section is directed to all life-long Phillie fans:

It was hard to imagine in the days of Kevin Stocker and Greg Jeffries that we would eventually get to this point.  Several stars have come up from our farm system and are producing for the big club.  The Phillies remind me of the Yankees in the early 90's when they brought up Jeter and other great contributors from their farm system.  When Seventy percent of the country felt the Rays would easily take it over us we all had a feeling about this team.  75% of people (according to an poll) here felt we would win this and that us, not the Rays were Cinderella.  They finally did it and we didn't even need a huge offseason signing, sorry Johan.  We all remember crying after Joe Carter's homerun then we never got back to the series until now.   Let's hope they can keep this thing going and most of clutch players from this year can return next year.  The chemistry on this team is strong and Manuel is a great father figure.  Next year if bullpen plays anything like it did during September and October, teams will have a hard time scoring runs in late innings even in Citizen's Bank Park.  If any closer ever deserved the Cy Young it would be Lidge.  We now have a great mental edge on the Mets.  Not many closers could have a perfect season but Lidge did just that, and to think all we had to give up was Michael Bourne for him and Bruntlett.  Thanks again Ed Wade.
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