Posted on: December 7, 2008 11:31 am
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Eagles Giants thoughts before the game

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This is a response to a post in the forums, but really it goes to all Giants fans who feel they are underappreciated.

How can you say they are underrated now.....everyone has them ranked as the top team in football.  Yes, I remember watching the Sunday night game a year ago as they destroyed the Eagles O-line and thinking.....WTF is this a Super Bowl Defense or are we (the eagles) just this pathetic?.... This is ridiculous.....at the time that was sarcastic and I thought Winston Justice was a disgrace to the Eagles talent selection, but that statement of calling them a "Super Bowl caliber D" even with the "perfect pats" turned out to be true. 

More than anything they prove defense and a strong power running game can lead to championships....but can they win through the air?  I still have huge doubts, other than a ridiculous Eli Manning broken tackle off the head mirac-u-catch by David isheevenontheteamanymore Tyree, but other than that Eli hasn't proven he is Dan Marino. 

Don't forget Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl too with the Ravens D and Jamal Lewis

If anything they show how football games are won where no one really pays attention.  On the offensive side Jacobs, Plax, and Eli will get all the credit when really their jobs are made much easier by the beasts they have in the trenches.  I really wish Spagnola had stayed with the Eagles and Jim Johnson went off to be the head coach somewhere else, but Spags has proven in NY that he is a great defensive coach and he will probably end up with a head coaching gig somewhere sometime soon.

Anyway the truth is the Giants showed last year that the NFL is a week to week league.  They put it all together and no one can call what they did last year a fluke, but they definitely had luck on their side.  It is just as possible that this year another team no one is focusing on all that much can get on a roll at the end and make a run at the Super Bowl.  The Giants and Steelers recently have proven that it is just about getting in the tournament.   The Giants are smart enough to know that even if they dominate through the end of this year and roll to 15-1 if they somehow blow it in the playoffs no one is going to care about what they did all year.

However I have a feeling there is a second hickup hidden in their schedule before things are said and done for the G-Men.  Hopefully that hickup (should) be this week against the Eagles.  With all these Plax and Pierce distractions if the Eagles can't at least make things competitive it will really show how pathetic they have been since losing TO.  But if Andy and the rest of the staff want to breath some type of hope into a city that has already written them off as awful like Philly fans here typically do then they need to find a way to win this game. 

Likewise if somehow the Eagles do win im sure everyone here in Philly will jump right back on the bandwagon and say they are going to the Super Bowl in Tampa.  The reality is they will 7-5-1 and back in the playoff picture with a shot to make things interesting.    Otherwise, if they do lose as expected we could be seeing the end of the McNabb era, and possibly the Andy Reid era if Kolb is a failure.

Considering the NFL makes no sense, sitting at 0-3 in the NFC east the Birds first division win would come against the defending champs, that is the NFL's style.

Personally I like their chances, but of course I do I always do because of my bias as a die hard Eagles fan.  After all I have liked the Eagles in their last few matchups against the G-men all of which were followed by an L.  I really am praying that when they play Dallas on 12/28 it has playoff implications and not just pride on the line. 

Remember though Philly even if they lose, the Phils won the world series, and the Mets choked yet again.  There is my 2 cents, I don't really care if anyone actually reads the whole thing.  And as always screw the boys in blue, win or lose 


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