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Posted on: November 3, 2008 10:22 am
Edited on: November 7, 2008 5:33 pm

World Champions, World ******* Champions

Philadelphia finally got what it deserved, and we are a city of champions again.  Mets fans can say all they like about how it should have been them, but the Phillies were clearly the best team in baseball this season.  When leading after eight innings the Phillies were 93-0 this year, with the best bullpen in baseball.  Throughout the playoffs Madson, Romero, and Lidge were dominant for the Phils.  Last year people said the Mets choked up that 7 game lead and I have to partially agree.  Everyone had a sour feeling in their stomach after we were swept by the Rockies in the wild card round.  This year we were really able to put everything together.  Credit goes to Pat Gillick for several clutch signings.  Gillick, with all of his success in the postseason, must have known Matt Stairs would be the player to hit a HR to help clinch the pennant.  Of course that is a ridiculous statement but I am sure it was a nice feeling for Gillick in his final season.  Rollins, Utley, Howard, and Hamels are all in their prime.  If Pat Burrell returns at 2 years $22 million that helps strengthen the offense, but he will most likely head to an AL team to play DH for more money and a 4-year deal.  Bruntlett, Stairs and other substitutes seemed to come up big right when we needed them too.  How much the Phillies can spend in the offseason will be determined by how the arbitration meetings of several key players turn out.  It will surely be a different team next year with Ruben Amaro taking over at GM.  If they can add another solid starter to their already strong rotation, the Phillies could turn over many wins to that great bullpen next year.  With this core developed group of players they may just take parades down Broad "Again, Again, and Again" like Cole said, and all Phillies fans can dream. 

This section is directed to all life-long Phillie fans:

It was hard to imagine in the days of Kevin Stocker and Greg Jeffries that we would eventually get to this point.  Several stars have come up from our farm system and are producing for the big club.  The Phillies remind me of the Yankees in the early 90's when they brought up Jeter and other great contributors from their farm system.  When Seventy percent of the country felt the Rays would easily take it over us we all had a feeling about this team.  75% of people (according to an ESPN.com poll) here felt we would win this and that us, not the Rays were Cinderella.  They finally did it and we didn't even need a huge offseason signing, sorry Johan.  We all remember crying after Joe Carter's homerun then we never got back to the series until now.   Let's hope they can keep this thing going and most of clutch players from this year can return next year.  The chemistry on this team is strong and Manuel is a great father figure.  Next year if bullpen plays anything like it did during September and October, teams will have a hard time scoring runs in late innings even in Citizen's Bank Park.  If any closer ever deserved the Cy Young it would be Lidge.  We now have a great mental edge on the Mets.  Not many closers could have a perfect season but Lidge did just that, and to think all we had to give up was Michael Bourne for him and Bruntlett.  Thanks again Ed Wade.
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