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Posted on: November 7, 2008 7:39 pm

The Sixers 6 games in

Everyone has seen the rough start the Sixers have gotten out to this year.  As Philly fans we are known for getting down on our teams easily.  However Iggy has not looked like the player we gave $80 million in the offseason, on that note neither has Elton Brand our other $80 million man.  If you live in Philly though not many Philly fans have noticed or complained all that much.  Probably because many are still in a drunken euphoria over the Phillies victory.  Whenever the Eagles, Flyers, or Sixers get down this year one response will calm down all the angry fans here.  The answer to "complaining angry tone: Iguodala is shooting horrible, complaint complain Cheeks sucks at coaching this young group complain complaint", is simply "but the Phillies won the World Series".  Once we mention that phrase here in Philly a smile goes across the face of every complaining fan and all is happy once again.

Still, the up and coming Sixers should not use that as their excuse.  Right now they are shooting just 37% from the field as a team.  In the days of Iverson that made sense, but this team needs to shoot higher percentage shots if they want to win games.  With the exception of Thaddeus Young there is a feeling most players on the Sixers are underachieving.  Throughout the summer they also were not too impressive which has put scares into many Sixers fans.  We should not worry though, this team still have seventy six games on the schedule (with their name this is a good time for a blog )  so their is plenty of time left for them to gel and get things going.  Remember even if they don't piece things together, "The Phillies won the World Series".

P.S.  It will be nice to see Iverson make his debut as a Piston, and it would be an interesting playoff matchup if the Sixers meet their foe, with AI on the opposite bench
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